Midnight Mass intercessions

Please join us in prayer....here are our intercessions at Midnight Mass:

Let us pray for the Church. We pray for Pope Francis, Bishop Declan and all bishops and priests as they lead their people in the celebration of Christ’s birth. May they always model their ministry on that of the Servant King, born this night in a stable.

Let us pray for all Christians throughout the world. May we all witness in our lives to the simplicity and humility of Christ’s birth and may the love of God, that Christ came to reveal, break down the barriers that keep us apart.

Let us pray for our world. We pray in thanksgiving for all those who will spend this season spreading joy and peace, and we ask that those who are embittered and can think only of violence and hatred will be touched by the spirit of peace that only Christ can bring….we pray especially for the conflicts in the Middle East.

Let us pray for all families. May the Holy Family be our inspiration today so that we may spend the time generously making the happiness of others our priority. We remember, too, all those families who have been affected by the tragedy of war, natural disaster and accidents, thinking very especially of those involved in the Glasgow road accident.

Let us pray for those who have been bereaved this year and feel a deep sense of loneliness this Christmas and for those who are seriously ill. May we remember them as we celebrate in the warmth and love of our homes.

We ask our Lady to pray with us that the message of unconditional love brought to us by her Son may inspire us to witness to the world that we are indeed His disciples by the way we love one another.


Posted on December 24, 2014 .