The Crossing

Last year, Pope Francis encouraged all religious to "wake up the world" and to engage in different ways with people today. One of our responses to this call was to take part in the Morecambe Bay - Cross Bay walk. With the Augustinian Sisters at Boarbank, Grange at the other end of the bay, we organized a weekend for young people to share our understanding of the Consecrated Life. On the Friday night we had a talk from Dr.Warren of the AONB on the geology and nature of Morecambe Bay. On Saturday, we had the presentation of the two orders and time for prayer and reflection. The big event of the weekend was "The Crossing". We have uploaded some pictures of the walk for you to enjoy. 

As we approached the middle of the Bay, it was amazing to see people in front of us, and as we looked back, people behind us. It really brings into life how the Israelites might have felt crossing the Red Sea! The ending was very hard going but the feeling of achievement was very satisfying at the end.
— Bernardine sisters

Posted on June 15, 2015 .