Monastery of Our Lady, Star of the Sea

“Unity is lived out in diversity: our communities each have their own special character..... “
— Constitutions of our Order

The three foundresses

The small community in Japan consists of 7 sisters.  The first Bernardine house was founded in Hamamatsu city in 1954 by 3 sisters from Europe. The sisters founded a High School and two kindergartens. These formed part of the School Association of Hamamatsu Umi-no-Hoshi. The Order decided to develop the hospitality side of the Bernardines and moved away from the schools in 1998.  



The Sisters moved to Mikkabi town to continue their Cistercian way of life. The monastery is situated close to Lake Hamana in beautiful surroundings. if you understand Japanese and you would like to know about our house in Japan, why not visit the Japanese site!