This decision was actually a hard decision for me. Having a faint-hearted spirit, being a very introverted person, appearing as the quiet and shy one of the group, it seemed impossible for a person like me to go abroad, leaving everything behind and especially imagining all the challenges that I awaited me. I needed help! For this, I made a discernment retreat helped by my spiritual director. I came out of the retreat saying: “Lord, here I am. I am yours!”. I told my family what my plan was and explained to them why I had made this decision. Then I left all things in the hand of the Lord. One of the consequences was to leave my job at the retreat centre which I did enjoy very much. I resigned and sorted any administrative matters to help me move on. It was not at all easy, but with God’s grace I made it to Hyning and I am still surviving up to this 614th day in Hyning! (23/9/2015)

So, here I am. Humbly I ask for you to say a little prayer for me as you read my story. “Why do you need a prayer? Don’t you believe that God will provide all you need?” you may ask. Yes, I do believe. But being a limited human person, I often need to be reminded with a concrete sign that God is with us. And you may be one of these signs for me.”

God bless you all and remember… God does work on-line!

(The end)

Note: I owe the phrase “God works online” from a priest who commented on my vocation.