Monastery of Our Lady of the Lake

The Goma community in 2015 during the Regular Visit

Unity is lived out in diversity: our communities each have their own special character, they are scattered over several continents and adapt themselves to conditions of time and place.
— Article 137 (Constitutions 2014)

The monastery at Goma was founded as a response to the call of the Church to help the missions. The Order sent out sisters, to look at places in the Congo, a former Belgian Colony. They decided on Goma and the the Bishop at that time sent them a message to come and educate the young peope of Goma. They opened a school in 1963, the Lycee Amani which continues today. After many vocations, they opened another house in Buhimba but sadly this had to be abandoned because of the conflicts in the 1990s. From the house at Goma has now come the foundation at Burkina.  The novitiate house is at Goma and there are 3 junior sisters and several novices in formation.  On the slideshow below on the left are some recent pictures of the professions on the 9th August 2015.  The images on the right have been updated recently as well.