Our search for God is carried through into our work. Rooted in prayer and accomplished in a spirit of poverty and obedience, it makes us sharers in God’s creative and redemptive work, as we give ourselves in the service of others.
— Article 64 (Constitutions 2014)

All our work has value

Our work takes a variety of forms, and includes hospitality, creative activities, secretarial work, educational activities, animal husbandry and agriculture, and work in community. All our work has value, since it makes us sharers in the creative and redemptive work of God.

Our communities share their peace and prayer with those who come to visit. The sisters are ready to welcome, to listen and to take into their prayer the needs of all those with whom they come into contact. 


Our Order has a long tradition of work in the field of education. Two monasteries have schools where sisters work in several capacities including teaching, pastoral work and administration. Through this work, the sisters endeavor to proclaim Christ to their students through the monastic values of prayer, community living and unselfish service, allowing each young person to reach their potential and to be equipped to live in today’s complex and rapidly evolving society.


Some sisters are also involved in creative aspects of work, including the writing of Icons. All gifts are valued and each sister is encouraged to use her gifts for the service of the community and the wider church.

Sr Stella writing an Icon.

Sr Stella writing an Icon.