A Winter Commitment

Colours are fading

Cold wind is visiting

Frosts are appearing

and so winter is coming

But winter always comes with its commitment

to bring again spring, summer and autumn.

Despite all that we have said about winter

it never fails to fulfil that promise.


Winter is a good time to reflect upon our commitment that we have made

Neither failure nor success is the matter

What matters most is how we have kept our commitment

Whether it be a commitment to our family or community

Whether it be a commitment to our own self

Whether it be a commitment to God


It is also a good time to open our self to a new commitment

Just as the branches spreading their twigs open

ready to receive a new life


Let us humbly learn from Winter

how to keep our commitment

By doing so

may we bring the richness of spring, summer and autumn

to every life we encounter during our journey.





Posted on December 8, 2014 .